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About Us


Azbil Philippines offers customized, high quality control systems and products that help people in the industry, government and business improve productivity, safety, profitability and environment compliance.

Azbil Philippines stands at the forefront of the many technologies we employ in our products and we are committed to bring these technologies to the vanguard in the Philippine industry, education and manufacturing. We have transferred technology worldwide and view such long-term partnership as almost valuable resource.

We specialize in the most advance control technologies available, from control valves that reduce fugitive emissions to computer-based automation system that harness the ease-of-use of Personal Computers. Our temperature and humidity sensors improve comfort in the working environment and our building management system conserve energy and reduce waste.

Whatever specialization, our engineers work hand-in-hand with customers from a wide range of industries. We help to refine oil, synthesize chemicals, build cars, manufacture electronics, construct building, make food and beverages, treat water, generate power, forge iron-steel and make paper.

In the Philippines as elsewhere in Asia, are committed to developing better controls for a better world.